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"The Blacklist: Season 1"

Makeup Artist to James Spader. Key Makeup (episodes 1.1-1.9) Prosthetic design & SFX Artist (multiple episodes) (Dept. Head Arielle Toelke) Woodridge Prod./NBC 2013/2014

"Elementary: Season 2 (multiple episodes)"

SFX artist, Prosthetic design, Body double fabrication (Dept. head Persefone Karakosta). CBS/Eye Productions 2013/2014

"Rob The Mob"

Director: Raymond De Felitta. Prosthetic design. (Dept. Head Joe Farulla) Millennium Films 2013

"Revenge of the Green Dragons"

Directors: Wai-Keung Lau & Andrew Loo. Key Makeup (Dept Head Amy Forsythe) 7th Floor Films 2013

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Director Mark Webb. Additional Special Effects Makeup Artist (Dept Heads-John Caglionne Jr. & Howard Berger for KNB) Columbia Pictures 2013

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Director Mark Webb. Additional Special Effects Makeup Artist (Dept Heads-John Caglionne Jr. & Howard Berger for KNB) Columbia Pictures 2013

"Metallica: Through the Never"

Director Nimrod Antal. Key Makeup and SFX Artist-Reshoot Unit. (Dept Head Tom Denier Jr.) Hit the Lights Inc 2013

"Boardwalk Empire: Seasons 2 through 4"

(Dept. Head Michelle Paris) Make-up, SFX Makeup, and Prosthetic Designer on various episodes 2011-2013 HBO *2012 Primetime EMMY nominee for Outstanding Prosthetics

"The Heart, She Hollar"

Prosthetics Application (FX Dept Head: Tom Denier Jr) PFFR/Adult Swim 2013

"Life of Crime"

Director Daniel Schechter  Key Makeup and SFX makeup designer (dept head Rondi Scott)  2013

"The Harvest"

Director John McNaughton. Key Makeup and SFX makeup designer (dept head Rondi Scott) Elephant Eye Films 2012/2013

"Orange is the New Black"

Episodes 1.2-1.5.  Makeup artist (Dept head Michael Biggers) Netflix/Lionsgate 2012


Director Darren Aronofsky. Makeup Artist. (dept head Judy Chin, 2nd Unit Dept Head Tom Denier Jr.) Paramount Overseas 2012


Pilot. Special Effects Artist (dept head david Kalihiki) MTV 2012

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

Director Ben Stiller. Additional Makeup Artist (Dept head Bernadette Mazur) 20th Century Fox 2012

"Person of Interest"

Episode 2.3. Special Effects Artist (dept head Toy Van Lierop) 2012

"America's Got Talent"

Season 7 (Live shows only) Makeup Artist (dept head Belinda Moss) 2012 NBC

"30 Rock"

Ep. 6.21,6.22. SFX Makeup Artist. (Dept. Head Jenn Jorge Nelson) 2012 NBC

"Chernobyl Diaries"

Director Bradley Parker. Special Effects Makeup Artist: BG Humanoid Creatures (Dept Head Reshoot Unit: Josh Turi. FX Supervisor Niell Gorton) 2012 Warner Bros./Alcon

"Masters of Sex" (Pilot Episode)

Director John Madden. Special Effects Artist. 2012 Showtime/Sony

"Gotham" (Pilot Episode)

Director Francis Lawrence. Prosthetics Application. (Dept. Head John Caglione) 2012 20th Century Fox

"NYC-22" (formerly The 2-2)

Season 1 series Key Makeup Artist (excluding Pilot) (Dept. head Katie Bihr) 2011 Tribeca Pictures/CBS

"Zombies. A Living History"

Director David V. Nicholson. Special effects Props (dept head Amy Forsythe) History Channel 2011

"Royal Pains"

Episodes 3.7, 3.9, 4.1, 4.5, 4.6 Special effects Artist (FX Dept Head: Craig Lindburg) 2011, 2012 TNT

"Saturday Night Live"

Ep36.18: Elton John (Aditional Lab tech: Zakarian FX) 2011  NBC

"Men in Black 3"

Director Barry Sonnenfeld (additional makeup artist, dept head Bernadette Mazur) 2010/2011 Columbia Pictures


Director Boaz Yakin (additional makeup artist, dept head Joe Farulla) 2010 Lionsgate Pictures

"Premium Rush"

Director David Koepp (additional makeup artist, Dept head Don Kozma) 2010 Columbia Pictures

"The Real World: Zombieville"

FX Runner (Dept head Josh Turi) 2010  MTV


Prosthetic Application Ep. 1.11 (Dept Head Joe Farulla) 2009  NBC

"The Maury Povich Show"

SFX Makeup Artist (Multiple Episodes 2008-2012) Syndicated

"Make me a Supermodel"

Ep 2.3 SFX makeup Artist 2008 Bravo

"ABC Primetime"

Disguise Makeup Artist 2006 ABC



Director: Jaron Henrie-McCrea. Lead Creature & Prosthetic Designer. Jash Pictures 2013

"The Maid's Room"

Director Micheal Walker. Special Effects Makeup Designer. 2012

"Turtle Island"

Director David Wexler. Special effects Makeup Artist (dept head Josh Turi) Cinema 59 Prod. 2012

"Hallows Eve"

FX Make-up Supervisor. Director Sean McGarry 2011

"Dark Passages: The Hammer Segment"

FX Weapons Props Cesar Cruz 2010

"3 Slices of Life: Pink Snapper Segment"

Creature Builder Anthony G Sumner 2011


Dept Head FX Makeup Director Bruce Ornstein 2010 

"Baker's Dozen"

FX Makeup Supervisor Director JC Svec 2010 

"Torture Chamber"

FX Torture Props Director Dante Tomaselli 2010 

"The Bleeding"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Phil Gelatt 2010 

"The Crab"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Rona Mark 2009 

"Cold Blue Eternal"

FX Makeup Artist Director Ian Keeney 2009 

"The Showcase"

FX Makeup Supervisor Director Leevon Daniels 2009 

"She Wolf Rising"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Marc Leland 2009 


Dept Head FX Makeup Director Neil Meschino 2009 


Dept Head FX Makeup Director Jeff Roberts 2008


SFX Makeup Artist Director Mike Nichols 2008

"Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Frank Sabatella 2007/2008

"Morris County"

SFX makeup Artist Director: Mathew Garret 2007


SFX Makeup Artist Director Ryan Pearce 2007

"Pink Eye"

Dept Head FX Artist Director James Tucker 2007

"Skinned Alive"

Dept head FX Artist Director James Tucker 2006

"Death on Demand"

Dept Head FX makeup Director Adam Matalon 2006

"Under Surveillance"

SFX Makeup Artist Director David Campfield 2006

"New Republic"

SFX Makeup Artist Director JC Svec 2006

"Rap Quest"

SFX Makeup Artist Director Glen Gipson 2005

"Crazy Eights"

Dept Head FX makeup Director James Koya Jones 2005


FX Supervisor Director Zach Winston 2005

"The Myth of Time"

SFX Makeup artist Director Miller Koepenick 2005

"Aunt Rose"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director James Tucker 2004

"The Final Patient"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Jerry Mainardi 2004


Dept Head FX Makeup Director Travis Frick 2004

"Star 69"

Dept Head FX Makeup Director Elke Blasi 2004

"Stand Ups"

Makeup Artist Director David Garvin 2004

"The Reawakening"

FX makeup Assistant (Lead FX Josh Turi) Director Diane Fraher 2003

INDEPENDENT SHORT (Lead FX or Dept Head FX unless otherwise noted)

"The House that Cried Blood"

Sideshow Pictures 2012



"The Pig Lady"

Kraken Ent., 2011

"Night of the Pumpkin"

Sideshow Pictures, 2011

"Head's Up"


"Crazy Beat Strong Every Time"

2010 (Sundance Festival Selection)



"Courtship of Ronson Crumb"


"Man In A Room"


"Flowers For Her"




"Interpersonal Exo-politics"





2009 (Sundance Festival Selection)

"Unaimed Arrow"




"Guilty as Charged"


"The Man on the Porch"


"One Soul"




"Lay Me Down"


"Death's Sickle"


"Mercury Chain"


"Chubby and Bones"


"Its a Gate to Hell Cecilstien"








"The Shed"





2005 (Sundance Festival Jury Prize)

"Suffer the Little Children"




"Black Forest"


"H. Jekyl Md."



Internet: Art Not War "Mit Romney's Office"


Music Video: "Gentleman Drivers"


Documentary: "Art Creature"


Music Video: Chris Garneau: "Dirty Night Clowns"


Museum Film: Franklin Institute

(Prosthetics assistant)2010

Theater: Bergen County Players: Whodunnit?!


Theater: Montclair Kimberly Academy: Forum


Theater: Walnut St. Playhouse, Oliver

(Prosthetic Fagin nose) 2009

Theater: Blue Man Group

(Bald Cap Consultant) 2009

Music Video Beach House: "A Walk in the Park"


Guest - Mystery Hunters "Fear"


Guest - Neighborhood Journal--Halloween in NJ


Music Video Elissa Rosenthal: "Middle Age Jewish Love"


Music Video Jamie Lidell "Another Day"


Commercial: Virgin Mobile


Music Video Animal Colective: "Peacebone"


MISC: AGE INC: Caveman Website Host


Music video: Solare "In a Girl's Body"


Theatre: Mystery of Irma Vepp


Music video: Unearth "Zombie AutoPilot"


Print: "Infected" by Majesco/Concept Farm


Music video: Beastie Boys "Triple Trouble"

(assistant to Joshua Turi) 2004

Commercial: Jacoby & Myers


Alcone Company Inc.

Bald cap prosthetic fabrication 2003-Present

MISC: "Van Helsing"

Product Display 2003

MISC: Peru Meridian: Old Navy Magic Jr.

Displays 2002

MISC: The Concept Farm: Baldboard Promotion.


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